Competition Law

Egemenoğlu being one of the leading law firms in Turkey, provides legal consultancy services to enterprises operating in many different sectors at local and international level with respect to Competition Law Compliance Programs, in-house competition law trainings and in all areas of competition law, through its supervised lawyers and consultants, thus ensuring that its clients are prevented to face severe sanctions of competition law.

In this regard, Egemenoğlu provides services within the scope of the Competition Board preliminary surveys/investigations, mergers & acquisitions and joint venture notifications, negative clearance/exemption applications for vertical/horizontal agreements and administrative lawsuits filed against the decisions of Competition Board, and represents its clients in all kinds of proceedings before the Competition Authority and the courts.

Some of the legal services provided by Egemenoğlu in the field of Competition Law are as follows:

  • Competition Law Compliance Programs
  • Custom-made Trainings in Competition Law Matters
  • Representation in Investigations of Competition Authority
  • Notifications for Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint-Venture
  • Clearance/Exemption Applications regarding Vertical/Horizontal Agreements
  • Objection against Decisions of Competition Board
  • Litigation Processes for Indemnification Claims