Debt Collection

As Egemenoğlu we provide services to a large number of individuals and companies regarding the collection and payment of the receivables within the framework of the laws. We take an active role in every phase of the execution proceedings from the beginning to the end, we take the necessary steps to ensure the collection of the receivable as soon as possible.

The lawyers of the department work to find solutions to the questions and problems of the clients in the field of Enforcement Law. In order to collect the receivables of the clients, they try to initiate enforcement proceedings, carry out the collection of the receivable by foreclosing the assets of the debtor (securities, real estate and other rights and receivables) and follow the sale of the goods. In addition, follow-up litigation processes of law and criminal cases arising from enforcement proceedings is also carried out by departmental lawyers. 

Egemenoğlu Law Firm has also been a Pioneer in Turkey in relation to a computer sotfware which aims to keeping track of the execution proceedings and transactions on computer, to following up and conducting these processes. 

As Egemenoğlu, we are pleased to serve our clients in almost every sector, including tourism-travel, logistics-customs, information, electrical-electronics, food, textile, energy, service, mining, chemistry and automotive. For this reason, we believe that our experience with the sectoral legislation and the detection of sectoral legal problems distinguishes us from other offices.