Dispute Resolution

Egemenoğlu dispute resolution group accommodates highly experienced lawyers managing successfully multi-directional and high-value cases at national and international level. Our dispute resolution team also offers also training, daily advice and conduct audits to help preventing disputes. In situations where disputes are unavoidable, we evaluate the legal, commercial, financial and reputational risks involved and offer the fastest and best possible resolution method by executing the most advantageous and practical solutions.

Our dispute resolution team, with its lawyers more than 20, offer services in order our clients to achieve their right in the fastest way in the areas of Private Law (Mainly in the areas of commercial law, rental law, real estate law, inheritance law, transportation law, law of persons), Criminal Law (mainly in the areas of white collar crimes, offences against property, cyber crimes), Administrative and Tax Law. 

While our team offers the best and fastest solution methods for our clients; also in accordance with the specific technical and legal requirement for each case, oral and written scientific opinions are taken from the Turkey’s leading faculty members and experts.