Half A Century In Law: A Gift To Yılmaz Egemenoğlu 09 June 2021

There are people who deserve loyalty behind many success. For this reason, gifts are prepared for to the most valuable legists as a symbol of gratitude and respect in the legal community. There is a very valuable lawyer behind our firm's successful bygones: Our founder Lawyer Yılmaz Egemenoğlu.

Yılmaz Egemenoğlu; when he founded Egemenoğlu Law Firm in 1968, he has acquired a vision for people who receieved education from Mr. Egemenoğlu and that vision conduced toward Egemenoğlu Law Firm’s coming to these days. Egemenoğlu Law Firm is a law firm as well as, besides it has succeeded by training many qualified lawyers without changing its aim of being a good school for newly graduated lawyers. The cornerstone of this success has been this vision of our office since the first day it has been established.

As Egemenoğlu Academy, we have prepared this valuable study for our founding partner, Mr. Yılmaz Egemenoğlu, by accepting "loyalty and sincerity" our main principle. This study has been prepared with the contributions of our intern lawyers who are receiving education from our office and our young lawyers who have completed their internships in our office.

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