Procedures And Principles Regarding The Implementation Of Electronic Notification To Ssi Been Published, The Application Time 14 December 2021

With the "Regulation Regarding Electronic Notification By Social Security Institution" (the Regulation), which published at the Official Gazette dated 24.09.2021 and numbered 31608, the e-notification period started in the Social Security Institution (SSI) and it was regulated that the documents required to be notified by the SSI would be notified to the addressees in electronic environment in accordance with the Regulation.

On 10.12.2021, the Circular numbered 2021/38 titled "Notification Transactions Made in Electronic Environment by the Social Security Institution" was published and the procedures and principles regarding the implementation of notifications to be made in the electronic environment were explained. According to this;

  • Addressees who have to obtain an electronic notification address determined as; real or legal persons or institutions and organizations without legal personality that employ/continue to employ the insured persons according to subparagraphs (a) and (c) of the first paragraph of Article 4 of the Law No. 5510 on and after the date of 01.10.2021.
  • Real and legal persons and those who do not have legal personality, other than specified in the article of the Circular titled “Addressees Who Have to Obtain an Electronic Notification Address”, will be able to obtain an electronic notification address if they so desire.
  • Although it was foreseen that an application should be made in order to obtain an electronic notification address within 3 months from the date of 01.10.2021, which is the effective date of the regulation, it was stated that the application period for electronic notification was extended until 31.01.2022 with the announcement published by the SSI on 11.12.2021.
  • The addressees who will receive an electronic notification address should apply at

    In terms of legal entity employers, it is stated that the person who will apply should be included in the MERSIS or SSI workplace registration record as a Manager, Manager or Legal Representative.
  • The documents to be notified by the Institution will be signed electronically and sent to the electronic notification address of the addressees. When the e-notification is sent, an information message will be sent to the addressee's mobile phone number registered in the e-government system, and/or to the e-mail address. In addition, the electronic signed document will be deemed to have been notified at the end of the 5th day following the date it reaches the addressee's electronic address. Not sending an e-mail or SMS notification for different reasons or sending it late will not prevent the validity of the electronic notification.
  • In accordance with the circular; the notifications may also be made by other methods to the addressees to whom electronic notification should be made in the case that electronic notification cannot be made for a compulsory reason.

With the circular, detailed regulations regarding electronic notification have been introduced, and it is important for employers within the scope of the relevant Regulation that submitting their applications in a timely, complete and correct manner.

You can access the full text of the circular, including examples, at
under the heading "Corporate Circulars".


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