Yunus Egemenoğlu participated to “Yatırım Kulübü” (which basically means “Investment Club”) broadcasted on Bloomberg TV. 12 April 2016

Mr. Egemenoğlu treated the legal dimension of increase of the suspension of bankruptcy proceedings lately, while Professor Sakrak touched on economical dimension of this proceedings.

Mr. Egemenoğlu made mention of the companies in Turkey in terms of suspension of bankruptcy, the reasons of the suspension of bankruptcy, the sectors of the companies asking it, he gave detailed information on its legal process and especially the appointment of the administrator. He also emphasized the part of the expert witness in this process.

While stating that the suspension of bankruptcy may have negative impact on companies, Mr Egemenoğlu remarked that it’s also because the process is not well managed due to the fact that companies are not very aware of their real assets and that many breaches of law are often occured during this process.

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